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Here are some excerpts about me and my work. Full letters of recommendation are available upon request. 

"I have come to appreciate the thoughtfulness and level of design experience she brings to her everyday tasks. Catie brings a fresh perspective to the industry and can work with a variety of personalities to complete a challenge."

Alison Lambert, Prologis

"I love how Catie put together this story. It was exceptionally well written and creative. In a large category with a lot of entries, this clearly was the best."

Texas Intercollegiate Press Association Judge

"Catie is very dependable, efficient, and has an incredible work ethic. Beyond that, Catie is an impressive communicator, very self-sufficient, and maintains a great sense of pride in her work. As a result, Catie is able to always exceed the expectations set for her."

Jonathan George, Campaign for Senate

"I immediately recognized her hard work ethic, fantastic people skills, and positive attitude."

Nancy Dark, Bright Idea Toys

"Catie is very attentive to detail and highly organized. These skills ensured a quality product that was easily implimented as an ongoing process within our organization. Her work ethic, understanding and interpersonal skills resulted in a far better project outcome than I had originally anticipated."

Joe Jackson, Digital Transcription Systems, Inc.

"She has high morals and does everything with integrity and a love for going beyond the call of duty. Catie has earned my respect and admiration. She is levelheaded, poised, caring, and principaled."

Diane Miller, Westminster Christian Academy Bookstore

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